Andrés Merizalde

Sapiens + Product Designer

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I am a Barcelona based curious product-ux-ui designer with a passion for solving problems and make people life easier


Let’s make great things together, you won’t be disappointed 🤙


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Andrés Merizalde problem tamer

Who am I?

As a professional, I’m mainly a designer among other things. But above all, a problem tamer (blacks, greys, invisibles, innocuous, unknowns, knowns, moderns, recidivists, subtle or explicit). I’m here to tame them and enjoy the process, developing experiences through design.

I try to think as much as possible, so users have to think as little as possible and could fully enjoy the products and services that I design side by side with the client.

Personally, I’m sapiens, curious and person – I think one of the good ones. I like simple and intelligent things that fill my life with experiences that help me get the best version of myself.

I believe in the democratizing role of design and its transforming power to make people’s daily lives easier. I am proud to be part of this great challenge.

Where I’ve Worked

2018 - Now

UX/UI designer at Pasiona Consulting

2012 - 2017

Design Lead at Amate Audio

2016 - 2017


2016 - Now

Art direction at

2010 - 2011

Graphic Designer at AFIRMA

2010 - 2011

Graphic Designer at JCS DISSENY

Some of the clients I’ve worked with

Thanks to 10 years of design experience I have acquired a holistic point of view for satisfying user and stakeholder needs.


Curiosity has been a constant attribute in my life, design has helped me to order it. This curiosity has been shaped through my formal education as well as actively participating in the development of many products and services, from conception to execution.


I have worked on several projects which accessibility was the main feature, not only as a design component, also as a consultant for heuristic analysis in several sectors such as healthcare and insurance.


In every project I work, I confirm myself that research is a key feature of the process, not only for making the work of everyone in the team easier, but for giving the scope user’s real needs. My studies in UX design and Service Design help me to get the whole picture.

Soft Skills

It is as much important, how I design as well as how I communicate.
My experience in different fields, working with diverse professionals, mindsets, agile methodologies and needs have given me the skills to work satisfactory an adapt myself to different contexts.

Service Design

I enjoy not just the final stage of any project, I rather prefer to see if the solution is part of a bigger problem. I try to use service design techniques and HCD approach to connect with this bigger problem and offer to user and stakeholder a real, long-lasting solution.


I try to give my best in every project because I believe that true success is being happy with what you do and doing things the best you can. Enthusiasm in every challenge and most importantly, passion. This is my attitude, this is my offer for you!

Due to confidentiality agreements I can't show them publicly.

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